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Road Map

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Current roadmap for the Boxes Project

Version 0.4.x

A missing part of the library is support for AOP. This release will only concentrate on AOP and how we can support this with packages.


Update Initial release with AOP support available at Nuget. raise a ticket if you have feedback

Version 0.3.x

the main focus will be to extend Boxes.Integration, and refactor Boxes.Windsor where required.


Update 2 we have an initial solution checked in, which support all 4 tickets (tickets 1 and 2 are closed)
Update the above tasks are being worked on, the code is located here.

Version next?

these features are considered, but have not been commited to yet. this does not mean someone cannot fork the code and supply a patch :)

  • Ninject implementation (Boxes.Ninject)
  • StructureMap implemenation (Boxes.StructureMap)
  • AutoFac implementation (Boxes.AutoFac), this should be possible when 0.3.x has been released
  • Tests for Boxes.Integration
  • Strong Naming on all assemblies
  • Allow IBoxesExtensions to be registered with all the interfaces they implement
  • Allow for simple Contract Registrations, this will allow for a registration to be IoC container agnostic
  • Visual Studio Templates / integration
  • Developer tool to help out (something like Xray)

On going

these tasks are considered background tasks which will continue to improve through time.

  • Site documentation and code examples
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