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Package structure

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To create your own packages you will need to understand how packages are represented in Boxes.


On the physical directory, the following is the contents of a single package.


The manifest file

The contents of the manifest file will dictate how Boxes handle the package.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<manifest xmlns="http://schemas.dbones.co.uk/developer/boxes/2012">
    NCalc Parser
    <assembly name = "Calc.NCalcEngine" />
    <dependency name = "Calc.Core" />
    <dependency name = "Identifiers" />

Package in Boxes

Given the manifest and the files on disk the package will look like the following


NOTE: the imported assemblies are provided from another package and Boxes will track dependencies between packages

Any Assembly which is not listed in the Manifest (exports, imports) is considered as an internal reference of that package. Please see the Loader documentation to see how these DLL's are handled.
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