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One of Boxes main features is package discovery. In this section we will explore some of this feature.

What is Package Discovery

Boxes needs to find your packages and understand what they are, this process is discovery. The default way is Boxes uses the PackageScanner to scan directories and files, collecting the Meta data of the packages located on the hard disk

During scanning Boxes manages package dependencies, once all of the dependencies of a Package are satisfied (including the dependencies of the dependences) then the package is marked as CanLoad (meaning the package is ready to be loaded)

Note: A package must have a manifest file.

Package Scanner

Boxes offers two package scanners:

  • PackageScanner – the default scanner, this should suit most cases. By default it scans the file system.
  • ParallelPackageScanner – extends the PackageScanner and scans directories in parallel, use this only on larger projects.

Both offer some great features and extension points. The following list will help you understand them:

  • Reads the Manifest file, manifest.xml is the default, add your own to support different manifest formats.
  • Assembly loader task, looks for assemblies during the file scanning.
  • Custom tasks, add your own task to handle any other file type.
  • File scanner, the default is to scan directories on the hard disk, you can override this to scan anything (i.e. zip files)
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