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CouchDB + .NET + Unit-Of-Work = ArmChair.

ArmChair has been built from the ground up with the following goals:
  • Unit-Of-Work pattern support - supporting the all or nothing commit.
  • POCO's - no base class or interface required. (Just add your own Id and Rev).
  • Conventions - where possible we implement small conventions to make the framework work for you.
  • Customisable - Add support for your IDs, Tracking, Serialization etc.
  • Use of an Indexing Service - Search by IDs, where the initial search can be executed on ElasticSearch / Solr / Lucene

Other features
  • Mongo Query
  • Linq Support (Partial)
  • Create Index's

  • .NET 4.5 + / Mono latest
  • CouchDB 2.0

Image Source

Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/dboneslabs/arm-chair

Image Nuget Packages

Current version: 0.6.x
Released: March 2017

PM> Install-Package ArmChair.Core


Please ensure that you test the usage of this library, before using this in your production system.

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